Camila Seraceni
Photography & food styling
Camila's story begins in Ayurveda medicine and takes off when she decides to start imagery records of her relationship with food. Photography and food styling became a vehicle for her creative spirit. Her sensitive look is materialized through images full of nostalgia and visual poetry. The branding process was a journey of understanding the affective relationship between food and stories, which results in an elegant and timeless frame for Camila's creations. Simplicity was not just a simple choice, but a strategic decision to let the images play a leading role in the dialogue between all brand elements.

Communication strategy
Art direction

Brand elements

Camila’s work


ID look & feel

Special production
Heritage is a photoshoot specially made for Camila Seraceni’s new brand launching. A storytelling that drags you into a nostalgic and delightful journey.
Photography — Camila Seraceni
Food styling — Camila Seraceni
Concept & direction — Duda Teo
Copywriting — André Timm

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