Austin’s Yellow Bike Project
LGBTQIA+ Collective
For 25 years now Yellow Bike Project has served Austin Community with free or affordable refurbished bikes, educational space, and, as a bicycle recycling facility. They invited me to create the 25th anniversary’s logo, visual identity, illustration and poster design. Important to mention that the celebration is based on a workshop to promote gender equity, called WTF — Women, Trans & Femme. 

“The struggle for gender equity requires, above all, a deep understanding of the diversity of female identities, their contexts, and specific demands. We are many, and so are our pains, barriers, and desires. We need to talk in an intersectional way to understand the different forms of oppression that prevent us from being and coming about in the world. Bringing a happy black woman, flourishing in her freedom to move and live on her own terms, is much more than an interpretation of the Austin’s Yellow Bike Project brand, but a scathing break of social paradigms as well. I focused on three important oppression markers in the image: gender, race and class. Issues that directly affect access to fundamental rights, deepening the burden of exclusion and the multiple violence experienced by the most diverse female identities. That is why this WTF workshop is so important and its communication could not fail to address such fundamental issues in the struggle for social justice and gender equity.” — Duda Teo

Logo design
Visual identity
Poster design

Brand elements



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