Illustrations + thoughts
Illustrating is the most primary way of communicating visually. I am not talking about the history of humanity, but about my own history. I have been drawing since I was 2 years old and, from then until now, there were many visual expressions that portrayed the way I feel and how I see the world. What you will see next are more recent works, however, they are the sum of the whole trajectory of a life.

The gender issue
has born with me.
Even though unconsciously, from a very early age, I have been registering a deconstruction of binary genres. Until my pre-adolescence, I didn't understand why I was born in a boy's body. I felt and lived the life of a girl, even if hidden. A girl with dick. As a teenager, social and professional pressure put me in a male camouflage that ended up deforming my soul. It took me decades to set myself free from this trap.

Get educated and act.

Over time, I understood that the most efficient way for LGBT+ people - and other minorities - to gain rights and fight for representation is to educate ourselves. We need to transform and act, to be a link between the previous generations, who fought and allowed us to expand our existence, and to the next generations who will drink from our actions. Knowledge is liberating and has the capacity to break with oppressive structures.

Fashion & Identity.

Fashion is a powerful resource for self-expression and world-vision disclosure. It marks time, ideas and the most distinct and eccentric identities. It allows you to reflect your creativity from the body itself. Within this perspective, I see fashion as a tool to bring more dimensionality to the characters I illustrate.

An idea of self.

Today, all the characteristics that made me afraid are becoming a creative force. Instead of fearing contrary opinions, I started to trust that we attract what we seek when we live our truth. My illustrations today portrait issues of gender, social problems and possible worlds. I seek, from them, to self-investigate, reflect and understand myself. It is as if the drawing becomes capable of reflecting what pulsates from within, looking at life from both the microscope and the telescope.

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