Ironic Flavours
Illustrations + Ingredients
Ironic Flavors is a series of combinations of vegan ingredients, minimalist illustrations and small text signatures that reinforce the spirit of each mixture of flavors. The eccentric aspect of the small visual narratives creates a good-natured, rock'n roll atmosphere.

Ingredients + storytelling + minimal illustrations + typography. Sounds good, mate!

Music is a powerful universe of inspiration. Many of the posters bring a direct reference to this universe and create a fun and irreverent aspect from the free spirit of music.
Music is a vector.

Vegan is cool.

Craving can be scary.

Feeling it.

All illustrations bring subjective messages and notes of irony from controversial elements. Humor goes beyond the concept of illustrations: it is in the line, in the colors, in the typography, in the texts ... it is part of the spirit of the series.

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