Photography & performance
The greatest icon of Western religious culture has been chosen as the character for this contemporary piece. Raw and honest, this narrative can be shared throughout the world to foster bonds of identification – not with a hero, but rather with an issue. Social hostility ceases to be a distant concept , known but rarely owned. – permeating our air, our existence. The intimate, personal religious context coupled with the contrast of baroque shadows delivers an experience that propels us into reflection, internalisation, guilt and pity, towards compassion, identification and solidarity; irrespective of one’s beliefs.

Art direction
Follow up the project

The fallen cross


Three chapters.
One journey.
Hostilizado is a compelling visual narrative, depicting timeless suffering, dulling of the senses and existential pain. The three chapters invite you to journey sensorially and sentimentally, through confrontation, isolation and pain, toward redemption, inclusion and change.

Chapter 1 — The Arrival

Chapter 2 — The Journey

Chapter 3 — The Realisation

Street gallery.
Melbourne, Australia.
The project belongs to the streets. That was the starting point of the project, so that should be the starting point to think the exhibition. Three photographic chapters were given life through around 200 posters in iconic locations in Melbourne. The dirt and imperfections, even the vandalism, had a strong connection to the projects message. The marginalising was all there, from the images to the paper.

Posters — Open air exhibition

Galeria Reocupa.
Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Galeria Reocupa is an artistic project of shared management in Ocupação 9 de Julho with the MSTC - Movimento Sem Teto do Centro (Downtown Homeless Movement), in Sao Paulo. The exhibition ‘What is not a forest is a political prison’ is a collective exhibition featuring works by more than 120 Brazilian artists, organised on the idea of freedom from the forest and life in the forest. Galeria Reocupa is a strategy to protect and strengthen social movements for housing. The occupation became a home for more than 600 people, a real space for coexistence and diversity, art and education, health and social transformation.

Video credits

Production + Editing
JP Accacio | Um Audiovisual

Felipe Julian + gallery artist’s voices

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